Simple translation / interpretation services

We translate documents to & from English/French

Our Department offers the following fields of translation:

  • Technical translation: Documents of a technical or scientific nature for multinational companies, research bodies and government departments;
  • Service translation: Translation for organisational purposes, such as corporate publications, business documentation, annual reports, legislation and government documentation;
  • Commercial translation: Financial texts and legal documents for the banking sector, the commercial and industrial sectors and government departments;
  • Literary translation: Novels, children’s books and non-fiction literature; this is generally considered to be a highly demanding discipline because of the artistic touch that is needed.

Sworn translation services

We do sworn translations to & from French/English of documents for official or legal purposes.

A sworn translator has sworn an oath in the High Court of South Africa to “translate faithfully and correctly, to the best of [their] knowledge and ability”. To ensure that a translation is recognised as a sworn translation, sworn translators stamp and sign every page of their translations and add a statement certifying that it “is a true translation of the original”.

A sworn translation of a document is the legal equivalent of the original document for evidentiary purposes in a court of law.

Sworn translators carry a heavy responsibility, because their work can have life-changing consequences for the people involved. Sworn Translations can only be done upon presentation of the original document that needs translating

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