French for Business

Why learning French at the Alliance

With over 220 million speakers today on every continent, French is set to become the 4th most widely-spoken language in 2050

The Alliance Française de Port Elizabeth is your best partner to meet your needs in terms of learning professional French and familiarizing yourself with the French-speaking culture. All of our professional French courses are taught by certified and highly qualified teachers.

Our training can be given either on our premises, or remotely in small groups or privately.

Learning a language


Adapted to the needs and objectives of your company or professional environment
Flexible and we consider your personal and professional constraints
Professional Training
Given by teachers trained in professional French teaching methodologies


Specialized French
Study specialized French: French for business, French for medicine, French for accounting/finance, legal French, social sector, etc.
Tailor-made Courses
Obtain a personalized program with tailor-made courses
Professional Topics
Address professional topics: welcome/reception, presentation, meeting, correspondence, negotiations, conducting interviews, project management, etc.
Educational Materials
Use a variety of educational materials adapted to your professional environment


Classes canceled (by teachers)
Classes canceled by teachers (illness, personal impediment, etc.) and not replaced by the administration during the session will be made up for at the end of the session
A certificate will be issued at the end of the session to all students who have completed at least 70% of the course
Cannot follow lessons
If you cannot follow a lesson (illness, personal impediment, etc.), you must notify the administration 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time to be reimbursed

Do you live outside of Port Elizabeth? Do you travel often? Do you have a tight schedule? Prefer to learn from home?

We have a flexible solution to offer you to attend our French courses regardless of your geographical location. You can now attend our lessons remotely through the Teams video conferencing platform.