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Why learn French at the Alliance

With over 220 million speakers today on every continent, French is set to become the 4th most widely-spoken language in 2050

Economically, France is one of the key players in the luxury market, fashion and gastronomy and a major contributor in the energy, aeronautical, pharmaceutical and information technology industries.

Academically, France is one of the top destinations for post-secondary education. The quality and prestige of receiving a French education and degree are but two among many other reasons to learn French.

Culturally, France sets the standard for elegance, refinement, philosophy and savoir-vivre.



“13 at the table! Which brings together thirteen short stories on the theme of holiday memories.

This collection of unpublished short stories is signed by great pens of contemporary French literature and has been published for the benefit of the Restos du Cœur.


Do you live outside of Port Elizabeth? Do you travel often? Do you have a tight schedule? Prefer to learn from home?

We have a flexible solution to offer you to attend our French courses regardless of your geographical location. You can now attend our lessons remotely through the Teams video conferencing platform.

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