Parking & Security

For your total enjoyment of the festivities, Stanley Street will be closed on Saturday 2 September, from Glen St to Edward St and Mackay will be closed from Stanley St down to Raleigh St. There will be free secure parking at Khumbulani High School (Secured by HRG Security).

Discover Mandela Bay Project Manager, Shaun van Eck, has encouraged locals to support Richmond Hill by reliving the highly successful 2022 Street Music Festival and enjoying the best 12 hours of their year. “Safety need not be a concern for festival goers. I believe that extra night-time patrols in the parking areas to reinforce the festival’s record as an incident free event.,” he said. Van Eck believes that, as a rule, Richmond Hill is safer than several of the glamour suburbs and believes that it is important that locals enjoy the festival in the setting that is such an important part of the essence of our Metro. An additional bonus for this year is the free Atul Tuk-Tuk shuttle service that will run between the festival precinct and the parking areas from 10 to 10.

Guillaume Favier Nirere, Director of the festival owners Alliance Française, believes that the festival is an important event to build a mutual appreciation and celebrate the diversity of the city. He wants more locals and visitors to enjoy the 12 hours of relaxed enjoyment and escape from the everyday stresses of our lives. “Last year’s festival gave 8000 people a taste of the harmony and appreciation that could be part of our everyday lives if we are committed to it,” he said.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is once again the main sponsor this year. “This celebration of the musical talent and the creative flair of our locals is a natural match with the diverse community and history of this iconic area,” says SRAC MMC Basie Kamana. “This area should develop into an authentic tourism experience for our Metro, with cultural and heritage offerings being a natural part of the attraction. This is an extremely important event to give a feel of that potential and authentic vibe in Richmond Hill. The growth to a must-visit experience would provide a wonderful platform for our community SMME’s to share in the spend of our tourists and increase employment in our local economy.” 

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