Watch France 24 at Alliance Française


Since July 2023 you can watch France 24 at the Alliance Française. France 24 gives a French perspective on global affairs through a network of 160 correspondents located in nearly every country.

Explore the World with France 24 at Alliance Française Port Elizabeth

Embark on a global journey without leaving the comfort of Alliance Française Port Elizabeth! We’re thrilled to announce the inclusion of France 24 in our broadcast lineup.

Why France 24? Dive into international news from a French perspective with France 24. This dynamic news channel provides a unique insight into global affairs through a network of 160 correspondents spanning nearly every corner of the world.

What to Expect:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Stay informed with in-depth coverage of world events.
  • French Perspective: Experience news and analysis through the lens of French journalism.
  • Diverse Insights: Benefit from a global network of correspondents for a truly diverse viewpoint.

Where to Catch It: Join us at Alliance Française Port Elizabeth, where France 24 is now part of our curated broadcast offerings. Take a break, grab a cup of coffee, and immerse yourself in the latest updates from around the world.

France 24 is more than news; it’s an exploration of diverse perspectives. Visit Alliance Française Port Elizabeth and broaden your horizons!

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